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World class coaching

You can add coaching and multiply your probability of success. Coaching is always 45 minutes. per session and is always 1:1, online with Mette Bloch. 

Mette Bloch is an experienced coach who, in addition to achieving great results herself, has helped athletes, managers, and others with dreams of achieving their goals. It's essential to act in a way that aligns everything smoothly, as having intentions and dreams alone won't suffice.

With a coaching course, you get the opportunity to have your plan tailored specifically to suit you, and you'll have a coach by your side who genuinely wants to see you succeed.


To ensure that we are a good match, we recommend having a non-binding chat over the phone. Simply send your contact information here, and you will be called. This service is, of course, free.

You will be contacted shortly!


4 sessions

Four coaching sessions are designed for those who already have a clear vision of their goals and are actively pursuing them but need that final push to cross the finish line. Whether you've hit a plateau and need only a few sessions to regain momentum, or if you're simply curious to explore what coaching can offer, these sessions can be tailored to your needs.


12 times coaching 

By opting for 12 coaching sessions, you automatically gain access to all courses on our platform for one year. You have the freedom to set the intervals for these sessions, tailoring them to your own pace. Persisting with regular coaching and follow-up is a choice that will reap rewards for years to come. Get ready for impressive, rapid progress on your journey to success!


6 times coaching

Selecting 6 coaching sessions also grants you access to the course of your choice. You're free to set the intervals for these sessions, shaping them around your schedule. Committing to diligent coaching and follow-up can make a tremendous difference for you! Progress towards everything you desire, or to pinpoint the skills you need to polish to perfection!

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