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Here you can see which courses we offer. There will be more on the way, and if you sign up for the newsletter, you get access to them before everyone else.

Winning mindset

The "Adopting a winners mindset" is created to help you learn how to set ambitious goals and work smart and effectively towards  them.

The course is jam-packed with well testet methods and practical tools, delivered via 12  videos and a series of homework assignments that will help you not only learn, but also train you to change your mindset. 

The tasks will certainly challenge you, but they are also fun to do.

So whether you dream of starting your own business, becoming a leader in your industry, becoming a better athlete or just want to take your personal development to the next level, "Adopting a winners mindset" is the perfect course for you. Start today and discover how the right mindset can make you a real winner.

Click the button below and proceed to payment and creation. The course costs USD 99 - Euro 90 or DKK 675.


Get sold on selling

With a mix of theory, examples and real tools, you will be equipped with everything you need to become a skilled salesperson.

the course contains 14 videos, with both stories and examples of the sales process from start to finish.

You learn to decode your customers' needs, to create security and trust, to handle objections and, not least, to close the sale.

The course also includes a host of homework assignments designed to ensure that what you learn really sinks in. If you do them, and if you practice, you will be able to see an improvement in just a few days.

Whether you are new to the sales industry or a seasoned professional looking to hone your skills, the "Get Sold on Selling" course is for you. You will not only become a better seller, you will also create value for your customers.

Click the button below and proceed to payment and creation. The course costs USD 120 - EURO 110 or DKK 795

5 tips to goal setting 

The mini-course "5 Tips for Goal Setting" offers five potent tools to empower you when aiming to achieve significant goals. It's one thing to desire success, but to believe in and actually attain it is an entirely different matter. If you're weary of merely wishing and dreaming and instead yearn for control over your life and accomplishments, then this course is crafted for you.

Remember, it's vital to apply what you learn immediately. Otherwise, this might just become another course that fades from memory in a few months. So, do yourself a favor and hit the ground running!

For the courses featured on this page, you have the option to purchase personalized coaching – an investment that could multiply your chances of success exponentially.

Take the leap. Elevate your potential. Start today.

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