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What the heck?

Where do I even begin? The world has gone f****** nuts! - Why oh WHY do I need to ASK someone their pronouns? I mean, it's absolutely fine if your parents called you Billy and now you want to be called Tiffany, you might even wear a lipstick and have baby pink bag over your shoulder, but if you have a beard, a deep voice and the build of a bricklayer, my simple and fast lizzard brain will put you in the category, male.

Don't get me wrong, if you correct my mistake, you will be Tiffany to me, but don't assume that I can guess my way to your inner self, and do NOT be angry or violated because I don't ask everyone I meet what they feel like they are at the moment. It's just weird!

I saw a video where person got angry because the person (can't bring my self to write "they") didn't want to be either a male or a female. The person was soooooo special, that you had to ask from moment to moment.

Why is sexuality so important? If you are not one or the other, can't you just "don't care"? - people get my name wrong all the time, I don't care! - I KNOW that I am Cranky kitten and not Scanky kitten or Cranky kindern.

The most aggressive of the gender-weirdos have to flash their sexuality all the time. Since when was that the first thing you stick in people's face when you meet them? "Hi, I'm Susan and I am heterosexual. I love my body, don't call me skinny (or fat) and I like to do it in our poolhouse"

I hope our kids get bored with all the nonsense. But till then, Copernicus just budged in, you are NOT the centre of the universe.

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